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The Ice Pirates

the ice pirates movie

The Ice Pirates is a must see film!

The Ice Pirates is a science fiction comedy film that came out in 1984. It was directed by Stewart Raffill, who also co-wrote the screenplay with author Stanford Sherman. The Ice Pirates stars Michael D. Roberts, Robert Urich, and Mary Crosby. It also stars Ron Perlman, Anjelica Huston, and John Carradine.

This film pokes fun of a lot of things that some may hold near and dear to their hearts. When there are things known as ‘space herpie’s’ and the well known ‘castration’ scene, what more could we ask for? This is definitely a film of its time and whether you liked it or not, it is one that we will forever remember.

In a world that the most powerful tool to own is water, these pirates will do whatever they can to get their hands on it.

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