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Spaceballs-Alien Chestburster

spaceballs chestburster

John Hurt has an alien in Spaceballs.

Spaceballs gives us a look at another chestburster scene, but this time with even more comedic satire. The alien is so cute how could you not love it?

In this scene we get to see Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and Barf (John Candy) enter into a diner for something to eat. One of them decides to get the soup while the other gets the ‘special’. It quickly pans over to John Hurt and his friends enjoying their meal when the unthinkable happens. John even says, ‘Not again’ as an alien bursts out of his chest. This refers to the original ‘Alien’ where John had an alien burst out, but with less humor involved.

This parody scene was done perfectly as they got the same actor (John Hurt) to do the same role. It would not of been the same without him!

Don’t you just love that little dancing guy? He has great style and an awesome voice for an ‘alien’.

More information about Spaceballs:

Spaceballs is a science fiction film that parody’s the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Alien’, and the ‘Planet of the Apes’. The film came out in 1987 and was co-written and directed by Mel Brooks. It stars Mel Brooks, John Candy, Bill Pullman, and Rick Moranis. Spaceballs was released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and had mixed reviews when it came out. It has now become a cult-classic film of its time and is one of Mel Brooks’ most popular films to date.

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