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Transformers-Age of Extinction Trailer 2014

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Trailer

grimlock optimus prime

The new trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction has now been released. It stars Mark Wahlberg in a time when these ‘transformers’ are no longer needed. Well think again!

Transcendence Movie Posters 2014

5 ‘Transcendence Movie Posters 2014. This is a mixture of both ‘Official’ and non official poster art. Thoughts on better poster art designs for this movie?

Terminator: Genesis Is Confirmed

arnold terminator

Terminator: Genesis has been confirmed. Put together a mixture of the 2009 Star Trek and Back to the Future part 2, and a new star will be born.

The Ice Pirates

ice pirates movie poster

The Ice Pirates is a film from the 80’s that you might of forgot about. We are here to re-introduce this sci fi comedy back into the minds of all!

Godzilla Official Movie Posters

godzilla destruction

Official movie posters for the new ‘Godzilla’.

Transcendence Trailer #2 Review

This ‘Transcendence’ movie trailer review goes through the synopsis of this sci fi thriller. Also discussed is Johnny Depp’s role as a scientist and artificial intelligence. There are also a few comparisons to other movies with similar story lines and so forth. you be the ultimate judge.

‘Robocop’ Official Movie Posters 2014

robocop 2014 red imax movie poster

4 official movie posters for the ‘Robocop’ 2014 movie.

Jupiter Ascending

jupiter ascending movie

Jupiter Ascending is an upcoming sci-fi film that will be in theaters July 18, 2014. The visuals in this trailer are unbelievable!