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Godzilla 1954 versus 2014 Posters?

1954 Godzilla Poster

Godzilla originally titled ‘Gojira’ 1954 Movie Posters

The original Godzilla aka “Gojira” 1954 posters versus Godzilla 2014 posters. There’s a big difference from the Japanese original back in 1954 versus the latest version to be released in 2014. This is a movie classic which is hard to replace and or copy. In my opinion I still love the original posters versus the new ones. What are your thoughts on the new posters and movie? Do you feel they could have done anything different to really make these posters stand out, or do you think they were spot on?

Godzilla 1954 Movie Poster

Godzilla Movie Poster 1954

Gojira Godzilla 1954 Poster Yellow

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